Post Undergraduate Scholarships to Study Abroad

Are you looking for a scholarship opportunity? If yes, here is one;

Studying abroad can be a rewarding educational experience, but it can also be expensive. Know what to consider when applying to universities, and what financial support may be available.

Scholarships for international students

Many universities or organizations offer scholarships and bursaries for students. These can be on the basis of academic achievement or financial need. Scholarships specifically for international students do exist, but there is a high level of competition to be awarded one.

Finding study abroad scholarships

Scholarships can depend on your home country and where exactly you’re planning to study, so it’s always a good idea to have in mind a country and some university options you’d like to choose.

Check universities fees and funding information to see if any of their scholarships apply to international students like you. Some countries or universities may be actively seeking to increase the number of international students — increasing the availability of these kinds of scholarships.

Organizations offering international scholarships

Some organisations are able to provide funds for international students from a wide variety of countries, including:

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