Zara Larsson – Ain’t My Fault


Zara Larsson has just released her new album in which “Ain’t My Fault” is one of the most attractive and fascinating song. Born on 16 December 1997, this little girl is making some big deals. Only at the age of 18, she has already made her strong career. This official video and official audio of this song was published on September 30, 2016 – a couple of months ago.

The video of the song starts with the terrifying alarm tone and just after that Zara Larsson start opening the party by mixing her nice melodious song with the music composed by the professionals. Right in the start of the video, Zara Larsson starts dancing, singing and rapping that means, everything is happening under a single nutshell.

The official video has got more than 74 million views in just 2 months and surprisingly has got more than 718 thousand likes. Well, the 21 thousand dislikes are considerable but at the same time, when we look at the popularity of this song at a very rapid rate, we doesn’t count this figure under our considerations.

The lyrics of this song basically incudes the feeling of “not doing something” and that’s the theme of this song as well. “It ain’t my fault, you keep turning me on” is actually the first line of the song and that’s the point where the whole story and theme of this starts.

This music covers the Dance/Electronic and Pop genre and that is very rare these days and people literally love this genre as well.

I usually love to listen it when I get tired of my work or when I’m driving. Well, let me say that this song is at that level of attractiveness which can be felt and listened anywhere and anytime.

Take A Listen Below:


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