Ariana Grande – Side To Side ft. Nicki Minaj


Exercise, exercise and just exercise. Being so slim, Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande both are paying a lot of attention to their body fitness these days and they have already shown this in their new hot song.

Paddling throughout the video was a unique concept of Nicki as USUAL! With more than 351 million views, this piece of music is literally getting a lot of fame and I think the dislike ratio is getting a little bit more surprising cause. Statistically speaking, 1.4 million dislikes do make an amazing worth against 2.6 million likes.

The start of the song is being ignited by Ariana Grande and the ending is supported by Nicki Minaj. I liked that actually because of the mix of two or three singers at a time in a video, creates a sense of distraction, you know.

I will mention it again that the idea of paddling and doing some hot moves while riding was literally a unique concept and according to my research, this idea was the initiative of Nicki Minaj to introduce such a change.

Talking about the music genre, it actually starts with a pop genre and the hip-hop stuff is introduced when Nicki joins the party, I mean exercise actually!

Take a listen to Side To Side below.


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