Album Review: ‘Believe’ by Sugarboy – Honey or Cola?


The ‘Believe’ project is fast becoming that mega album as we speak and it’s obvious how much Umoren AKanimoh Felix (Sugarboy) buries into it in terms of time and energy thereby crafting into a 22-track album.

Here, he features his record label mate Kiss Daniel and also handed out some production credits to young jonn, Da Genius, Dj Coublon Tony Ross, BeatBurx among others.

On this review, we shall be talking about 5 banger tracks that made the G-worldwide act’s album a major one.

Kilamity‘ highlights the singer’s blazing image, with special appearance from kiss Daniel Smashing effort, it has Sugarboy swinging between pidgin lines, passing the baton to kiss Daniel who adopts a feral approach as expected.

Seri koko‘ is regular mainstream music; upbeat, touched with some street textures and what have you, it makes for a hit in the clubs. Major shout out to the wicked producer, young jonn for that. Sublime!

Neighbour‘ is a super afro material that has Sugarboy and Dj Coublon on some riveting studio inputs. But for everything Sugarboy and Dj coublon have achieved on this, it isn’t so much compared to ‘Ekene‘ with Kiss Daniel. O’ my! Both songs though, proper good ones. Awesome. Amazing. They are killing it for the second time on this album.

The story continues, leading us to ‘Wicked‘, and on this, the emotion is deep; flowing, and almost palpable. Sugarboy digs into his other side, the side which has him writing some priceless lines. His reminiscences about the old times with a handfull of sophisticated beat by beat burx. Dope!

The result of this earns him a certain queer reputation in the industry…I guess he is okay now. Maybe he truly his. This album turned me from being an passive to active fan of Sugarboy neglecting the days i called him a ‘dead’ musician.

Reviewed By: Omosebi Taiwo


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